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27 September 2009 @ 04:18 pm
Oh so boring~
And i should die cause i didn't study at all.
But ohwells, went to the gym today to work out.
Machines can be tiring too. And i played with this equipment in the gym today super fun.
It's like one of the amusement park thing that enable you to move up and down. ^^
But that's not the actual function of that equipment, to be exact i "modified it". ^^
And after that i walked to tiong with reden after our work out, and ate till super full.
We've gain back what we lose or even worse, put on weight alr.
After that went home, i will do my english and ss.
Please don't kill me and my brains.
My mom is still not back kinda enjoying herself in malaysia. haha. >.>
Yeah, peace \m/
Current Mood: blankblank