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17 October 2009 @ 12:01 am
Like yawns~  
I smell freedom everywhere now~ ah~
The stress exam week have passed!
Glad and glad~
After exams today was super happy. Went home first.
I think i ate too much raw food already! :(
My stomach is hurting. And on a lighter note, I'm really glad that i will be able to go for seoul'd out 2009.
i think 65bux is quite worth it! It's okay I can see Minhwan and Narsha, worth it.
Omg, faints at BEG~ Really happy that they're coming.
But fails at ah lians going there for the fact just to see T-max. Or whatever bof shit.
Seriously.. tsktsk.

This was what i thought that might be true:

*T-max singing
Ah lian : OMG WHERE IS JIHOO?! (who the heck is he?)

When they don't even realise that actually he is not even in that band.. -___-;;
Holidays i can't wait~~!
Yes~ Gonna work hard too!
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