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16 November 2009 @ 11:49 pm
Grace is given not because I deserve  
Today is kinda of an tiring day~ :3
Well.. I cut my hair and I re-dyed it, wanted it black.. But then.. It didn't look black.. It look red and brown.. -__-;
And then off to shepherd's meet.
God bless me totally. I'm able to get a job through Xueting today, when we actually happen to meet in the bus.
And we talked abit. 3days giving 9000flyers from block to block and then I'll be able to earn $240.
And then given the money that I'm going to receive soon around $42.
I'll have more than enough to pay for my camp.
This is through God's grace, he gave me something that I don't deserve. ^^
Really wanna kamsa God very much for this~!
(Maybe it's because i did a proper QT yesterday~ :$ )
Anyways, after shepherd's meet had dance!
It's really fun to be dancing around people who rock! And by today we have covered 8 8's. Wow!
One whole song finish, next practice will finish another song, and then we just need to keep practicing.
And then boom! We're ready for Christmas's performance.
Downloading Chris Brown's Forever to practice now.
And tomorrow is training day~
I think I'm quite satisfied like that~ ^^
Going to download some videos and watch the stupid gambling show before i hit the bed!
Bye folks! ^^
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